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Drastically cheaper websites.

Specifically aimed at independent furniture retailers.

Devised by an independent

Google friendly sites that resize for tablets and mobiles.

  • All images installed, to save you employing a full time website administrator.
  • Re-sizes to mobile and tablet devices, which is necessary for higher Google position.
  • Built for high search engine ranking, to drive footfall.
  • Ability to turn e-commerce off and on per product, so you can promote profitable lines.
  • Links to social media, helping increase visibility.
  • Can switch all prices from ‘sale’ to ‘non-sale’ in seconds, to save time.
  • Option to print sales tickets, to save double handling.
  • Easy video install, to help promote products.
  • Control your banners, to keep full flexibility.
  • A comprehensive on-site search function, to increase customer’s time on-site.
  • Online site tutorials, to help you develop faster.
  • Customisable Search Engine Optimisation, to help you control sales momentum.

  • The simplest admin panel possible, so sales staff can update prices and print tickets.
  • You can see the website before buying it.
  • Better websites for less money, giving you more profit.
  • A monthly payment over 3 years to cover product updates, site purchase etc, designed to not impact on your cash-flow.

  • Devices
    The biggest and most important feature of this site is that your sales staff can easily control the prices and content. Having an up to date website is crucial in making sure your customers find exactly what the need. A great design can instill a sense of trust in your business and brand.

    With a really simple admin page, accessed by each of your staff, it is very easily managed. Updating and adding items is incredibly easy meaning your sales staff can spend more time on the shop floor doing what they do best. Even someone with basic computer skills will find this simple. Training will be provided, as well as telephone support.

    For further information please contact Gavin Boden 07720 074 906.

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